Join Us

We welcome all boys from ages 11-17 (5th grade through high school) to join our Troop.  Prospective scouts and their parents are encouraged to come visit our troop and learn about us directly.

Many Scouts join Troop 1525 immediately after a Webelos II Bridging Ceremony in their Pack. Some transfer into the troop from other troops/areas. Some join with no prior scouting experience. No matter how joining troop 1525, all Scouts must:

  • Complete a Youth Application (either online or on paper).
  • Complete the Annual BSA Health and Medical Record (Parts A & B)      []
  • Pay the Troop 1525 annual dues (pro-rated).
  • Obtain a Boy Scout uniform.

We will help you through all the steps, so don't worry.  

All new Scouts joining Troop 1525 will be provided a copy of the Boy Scout Handbook, a Council patch, Troop numerals, Patrol patch, a Troop neckerchief and a neckerchief slide.  These will be provided at the bridging ceremony (when possible) for Webelos that have selected Troop 1525, or during first opportunity during a scheduled Troop meeting held by 1525 for transfers.

Meetings: Scouts meet every Tuesday night from 7:15-8:30 during the school year and follow the FCPS schedule. Boys are required to wear their BSA uniform to meetings (regulation shirt and pants). Formal events (BOR, COH, and Scoutmaster Conferences) require the full class A uniform of Tie and Sash. A troop t- shirt is available for order in September and can be worn to outdoor activities. We realize that a scout may not be able to attend every meeting but we strongly encourage good attendance as it enhances the scout experience.

Finances: Dues are critical to the operation of the troop. Our annual dues are $100 collected in September. Boys joining or transferring into our group in the spring pay a pro-rated fee of $50. Dues cover all awards, Boys Life, and Registration fees. No boy shall be denied participation in our organization based on financial circumstances. Please speak to the Scoutmaster or the Treasurer if this is a concern. Troop 1525 does not normally execute fund raising events, nor does it participate in Popcorn or mulch sales as a Troop.

Other Fees: Activities in Troop 1525 are on a pay-as-you-go basis. Relevant activities will have a fee associated with it that covers the cost of meals, transportation, common use items, and required admission or registration fees.

Volunteers: Adult volunteer support is critical to the success of Troop 1525. Every family is asked to provide one BSA registered adult and to take the free online training on youth protection. The Troop has small and big tasks and we can find the right job to fit your busy schedule.