Personal Equipment

Scouts are responsible for purchasing appropriate personal equipment. The Troop encourages parents to purchase quality outdoor clothing and gear from a reputable source. Inexpensive gear usually wears out sooner and is less satisfactory under the rough use that Scouts give it in the outdoors.  Quality equipment need not be expensive if purchased during sales.  Families should not allow this to be an obstacle and if the following suggested list is a challenge – please discuss with the adult leaders of the troop.

Troop 1525 suggests the following as gear for Scouts and adults participating in campouts:

  • Synthetic sleeping bag, rated at +15-20 degrees.
  • Closed cell sleeping pad;
  • Sturdy hiking boots, need not be all leather or Gore-tex. Nubuck and fabric with thick soles (Vibram) are fine;
  • Lightweight rain jacket, not a poncho (ponchos do not keep Scouts dry and are not safe for aquatic events);
  • Fleece jacket, preferably with weather resistant shell;
  • 2-one liter water bottles (Troop 1525 discourages use of Camelbacks)
  • Wicking T-shirt and long underwear;
  • Wool or wicking stocking cap;
  • Fleece gloves;
  • Bowl, plate, cup and utensils;
  • AA battery flashlight or headlamp;
  • A personal first aid kit, see Boy Scout Handbook;
  • A personal toiletry kit, see Boy Scout Handbook. As a general rule, do not wear cotton or down clothes. Cotton and down apparel items lose their insulating qualities when wet and do not dry well in camp settings. Synthetic blends and wool are far superior material for outdoor gear.

NOTE – Troop 1525 does NOT provide tents for camping.  However, prior to purchasing a tent, it is advisable to discuss the type of tent best suited for Troop 1525 activities with the SM or an ASM.