Common Requirements

Scout Spirit Requirement

In Troop 1525, only the Scoutmaster (SM) or Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) can sign the Scout Spirit requirement for each rank up through Life. The Scoutmaster signs Scout Spirit for all aspiring Eagle Scouts.

Active Participation Requirement

All ranks require the Scout to be active in his Troop for some period of time. The meaning of "active" is left for the Troop to define, and as such, Troop 1525 defines an active Scout as typically attending nearly all Troop meetings and most outings and activities.  Yet as noted previously, family, church, and school activities can often take precedence over Scouting activities. For the purpose of rank advancement, a Scout should attend most of the meetings (over 50%) and at least one outing and one activity in the period prior to advancement. For the purpose of this requirement, Scouts involved in scouting activities outside the Troop (i.e., Order of the Arrow activities, IMPESSA training, counselor at Summer Camp, work on Eagle Project set-up and execution, etc.) will be considered to be active.

Youth Leadership Requirement

Earning ranks of Star, Life and Eagle also require the Scout to serve his Troop in a leadership position. The leadership positions that fulfill this requirement are in the Boy Scout Handbook. To fulfill this requirement, the Scout must formally hold the office for the prescribed period of time. He must attend most of the Troops activities, Patrol Leaders Council meetings, perform the duties of his position and be active in the Troop for the required period of time prior to advancement. 

Scoutmaster (SM) Conference

One of the last steps in earning a rank advancement is completing a Scoutmaster Conference. During this one-on-one discussion (but within view of others to comply with Youth Protection guidelines), the SM/ASMs and Scout discuss the Scout's progress (reviewing applicable Scouting skills) and their experience in the Scouting program. This is a time to jointly consider future plans and goals. SM Confs are held at Troop meetings, during Campouts and outings, or whenever the Scout and Scoutmaster decide to meet (again keeping in mind they must abide by Youth Protection guidelines). Scouts should sign-up for their Scoutmaster Conference at least one week in advance. 

The SM and ASMs will not conduct SM Conferences for their own scout.

The Scoutmaster may also hold a Scoutmaster Conference for other reasons (such as limited participation, lack of advancement, or disciplinary issue).  Scouts must be in complete Class A uniform (including Neckerchief) for all SM Conf except when executing a Scoutmaster Conference during a Campout or other outing where other clothing is the standard and appropriate for the event and weather.  Scouts must bring their Scout Handbook and updated IHR to the SM Conf.  For advancement to Star, Life, or Eagle, the scout should email the Scoutmaster via Troop Track, with parents’ permission, or see the Scoutmaster in person one week in advance to arrange the SM conference.

Scouts may also execute SM unscheduled conferences on campouts with the SM or ASMs.  However, it is important, for the Scout to coordinate for this SM conf EARLY during the campout for scheduling among the other activities previously planned for that campout.

ASMs may conduct SM Conf for the ranks of Scout  through First Class.  For the Ranks of  Star and above, the SM will conduct the SM Conference unless specifically delegated due to unique circumstances.