The Individual History Report (IHR)

The IHR is an important tool that documents a Scouts progress in Scouting and in Troop 1523.  It is required to be on hand at, and updated prior to BoRs and the updating is ultimately the responsibility of the Scout

There are two methods for updating the IHR:

  1. At the Troop Meeting (Preferred):  Scouts can update their IHR (which is now in Troop Track) with any necessary corrections by showing the signed-off requirements in your Scout Book to the Advancement Chair for Scout Records.  Additionally, the Troop SM and ASMs, have the ability and authority to update the Scout’s record in Troop Track.
  2. Email:  Scouts  can send corrections by Troop Track email by providing a PDF/picture of the corrected IHR and a PDF/picture of the signature page(s) from the Scout Handbook to the Advancement Chair for Scout Records.

More details on printing your own IHR is in the Troop's Intranet.  Log in to Troop Track.  Under the internal home page > Reports & Data > Individual History Report (IHR).