Board of Review (BoR)

Scouts request a Board of Review (BoR) by signing up on the posted sign-up sheet at least one week in advance of the desired date for the BoR.Each rank advancement requires a BoR.  Troop 1525 conducts BoRs for all ranks except the rank of Eagle at regular Troop meetings.  BoRs are conducted only by registered members of the Troop Committee.  Consistent with the SM and ASMs, Committee Members will not participate in BoRs for their own son.

To the Scout, their official record consists of the Scoutbook signed off in the back plus his blue cards. The Scout is responsible for ensuring that Troop Track mirrors his book and blue cards. The Patrol Leader, Patrol ASM, and Advancement Chair are responsible for helping the Scout learn skills, demonstrate the skills, and ensure they are entered in Troop Track.  

The BoR is NOT a re-test of the skills learned for the rank. Instead, it is an opportunity for the Scout to share his feelings regarding Scouting, skills learned and the meaning of the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. Scouts must be in complete Class A uniform for the BoR.  Scouts must bring their Scout Handbook to the BoR.

Boards of Review for all ranks and Eagle Palms will consist of at least three registered Troop Committee members and no more than six.  Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters are not on the Troop Committee, and therefore may not serve on a Board of Review.  There are exceptions for when fewer than three registered Troop Committee members available; and this should be a rare exception for our Troop.  Scheduling boards of review when and where committee members can attend usually alleviates the problem of not having enough committee members for a board.  

Boards of Review for Eagle will consist of at least two Troop Committee members and one district representative. Boards of Review may also be held periodically (i.e., 2, 4 and 6 month points) to review and assess a Scout’s leadership and guide his development.

Troop 1525 does support conducting multiple BoRs for ranks below Star on the same day for an individual Scout.  For example a Scout may schedule a BoR for Second and First Class for the same day if all requirements for both are met.

Typically the troop will execute BORs on a first come basis through the sign-up sheets at the meetings.  However, given time restraints and the potential for delays (weather, capacity, etc), Scouts requiring BORs for Star and Life will take priority based on the time requirements associated with earning the follow on to those ranks.  BORs for Eagle reside outside of the troop process for advancement and must be closely coordinated with the SM.