Scout Leadership

Each of the Scout leadership positions described has specific roles and responsibilities. These will be provided in advance of Troop elections. Scouts who agree to serve in these positions must understand that with greater responsibility comes a corresponding need for increased level of effort. All Scout leaders are required to attend Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST), which is provided by the PLC and the Scoutmasters. ILST is offered as soon as possible after each Troop election. Additionally, adults (Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, or Troop Committee member) will be assigned to help guide junior leaders in fulfilling the duties of their position.  

National Youth Leadership Training is a semi-annual course taught by Patriot District.  The committee annually approves funds for 3 summer attendees and 3 winter attendees.  This course provides enhanced leadership skill instruction for scouts who are better able to realize the meaning of a boy-led troop.  Interested scouts should talk with the Scoutmaster.

Term Limitations, Exceptions, Performance

A Scout is limited to serving two consecutive terms in the same position.  Terms of service are usually 6 months and the term usually run from Feb-July and Aug-Jan.  The Scoutmaster must approve exceptions to the above leadership and position requirements.

The SPL is responsible for ensuring that Scouts in leadership positions fulfill their responsibilities. The SPL, acting with the advice of the Scoutmaster, will take appropriate action in the event that a Scout fails to fulfill their duties.

Adult Mentors

Positions on the committee may serve as mentors to the senior Scouts who have been assigned unique leadership positions within the troop.  Examples are the Committee Chair for Administration mentoring the Troop Scribe and Troop Webmaster; and the Committee Equipment Chair mentoring the Troop Quarter master.  The purpose of this mentorship is to build a stronger linkage between the Troop and the Committee and to make the most of adult talents in guiding the Scouts in their development and select areas.

Adult mentors are selected and approved by the Committee Chair and Scoutmaster.  The mentorship is for one-term as it is important the adult mentor matches the needs and personality of the scout mentee.