Elected Leadership

Troop elections will be held in the January and June each year. Candidates for Senior Patrol Leader must express their desire to run one month in advance of elections by notifying the Scoutmaster. Scouts elect a Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders.

Requirements for Positions of Responsibility in Troop 1525 are described below. The PLC determines the requirements and may amend or change these prior to the start of an election cycle.

Senior Patrol Leader

  • Be active in the Troop for the six months prior to election
  • Be the rank of Life or above
  • Have Patrol Leader experience

Patrol Leader

  • Be active in the Troop for the three months prior to appointment
  • Be the rank of 1st Class or above (An exception is the New Scout Patrol which may have a Scout who has not yet earned 1st Class serve as Patrol Leader with the guidance and mentoring of a Troop Guide)