“The patrol system is not one method in which Scouting for boys can be carried on. It is the only method.”
—Lord Baden-Powell, Scouting’s founder

Patrol Names

Patrol names should be selected according to their relationship with Scout history, activities, or the outdoors. Patrol names may only be changed with the permission of the PLC and the approval of the Scoutmaster.

Patrol Patches

Every Patrol must have a Patrol Patch.


Patrols are encouraged, but not required, to construct and have their flag at Troop meetings and campouts.

Patrol Activities

Troop 1525 encourages Patrols to have Patrol meetings and Patrol activities.  Patrol Leaders should plan Patrol activities in co-ordination with the PLC.  Each Patrol will have an Assistant Scoutmaster assigned to help the Patrol Leader carry out his duties and responsibilities.

Patrol Yell

Each Patrol is expected to develop a Patrol Yell.  The Patrol uses its Yell to announce its presence at Scout events.

Patrol Membership

Scouts are normally assigned to patrols based on school grade and age.

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