Outdoor activities are a cornerstone of Scouting. Troop 1525 has offered a wide range of activities for Scouts to enjoy, including camping, water-related outings (e.g., canoeing, white-water rafting or swimming), hiking and backpacking, rock climbing, winter sports, bicycling, and even camping on a retired battleship. Troop 1525 has an annual goal of 10-12 tent-nights of local camping and one week of camping at a BSA long-term camp.

Troop 1525 seeks to provide an age-appropriate summer camp experience for all Scouts. The Troop seeks to have an advancement-oriented camp for all Scouts and a high adventure camp for older Scouts.

The Patrol Leader Council (PLC) plans Troop camp-out dates and the annual summer and high adventure camps. The PLC aims to complete this calendar of activities before the fall of each year. It must be presented to the Scoutmaster and the Troop Committee for approval before being announced by the Senior Patrol Leader. The schedule will be posted on the Troop website.

Older Scout Activities

Troop 1525 seeks to provide age-appropriate activities for all of its members. The PLC plans a balanced program that supports the learning process and advancement needs of younger Scouts as well as the interests of older, more experienced Scouts, to learn leadership skills and use those skills in an advanced setting.

Additionally, the Troop regularly participates in recognized BSA high adventure programs at established locations such as Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier, Adirondacks, etc.. Many of these activities will have a minimum age requirement for participation.

Guide to Safe Scouting

The Guide to Safe Scouting is an overview of Scouting policies and procedures gleaned from a variety of sources.  No members of the troop have the authority to override the guide.  The online Guide to Safe Scouting is posted at

"... The books lay down definite principles and examples which serve to guide the leaders when applying their common sense to the situation before them. No two situations are ever precisely the same, and it is therefore impossible to lay down exact rules that should guide in every case, but a man who carries precedents and principles in his head has no difficulty in applying their teaching in supreme moments of sudden emergency ..." - Sir Robert Baden-Powell