Activity Fees and Permission Slips

Permission Slips

Troop 1525 requires parent/guardian permission for all activities outside weekly Troop meetings. The Troop permission slip lists activity, departure and return time, any fee required for the event, and registered Scouter in charge of the event.  Permission forms and outing fees should be completed and returned at the Troop meeting 2 weeks prior to the event unless an earlier payment date is required.

Activity Fees

Scouts must pay for all activities in advance.

Most Troop camp-outs require patrols to plan and cook their own meals. All Patrol members alternate serving as their Patrol Grubmaster, buying food and requesting reimbursement from the Troop Treasurer after the campout. Depending on the location of the campout, some meals may be eaten en route (either brown bag meals or at a fast food restaurant).  Some camp-outs such as district Camporees, summer camps, and some campsites require activity fees, that the Troop recovers though an activity fee for the event.  The fees and meal details will vary from campout to campout.