Cooking, Fire, and Knives


Patrol method cooking will be implemented at all non-backpacking camp-outs. Scouts plan balanced meals in advance. The SPL approves menus in advance. The designated Patrol Grubmaster will purchase food for the Patrol a few days before the camp-out according to the menu and for the corresponding number of Patrol members signed up for the trip. The budget for the food purchase is determined by the Troop Treasurer and the adult leader for the trip. Grubmasters should bring the purchased food to the campout (any questions about this process or for assistance, please consult your Patrol Leader, ASM, or attending adult). Reimbursement for the purchased food can be obtained from the Troop Treasurer – simply provide the Treasurer the receipts for the food and the reimbursement request form available on the Troop website. Patrols will decide on either stove or fire cooking (if permissible) before the camp-out. “Buddy cooking” will be implemented at all backpacking camp- outs.  Patrol leaders will determine and post a duty roster with assignments for clean-up, cook and fire duty (if necessary) for each meal. If the Grubmaster needs a cooler(s) to keep perishable food cold, he should seek help from other members of the Patrol.  Scouts that have purchased food for their Patrol can be reimbursed by providing receipts for the cost of the food to the 1525 Treasurer on the Troop Committee.

Fire and Fireman Chit

No fire may be built without explicit permission from the Scoutmaster (or adult representative).  Fires are to be made and tended inside approved campsite fire rings.  The Fireman Chit grants a Scout the right to carry fire-lighting devices (matches, lighters, etc.) and build campfires.  A scout with the Fireman Chit will be the assigned by the SM (or adult representative) to start and manage a fire.  The assigned scout may not leave the fire until it is completely extinguished.

Fire (i.e., matches, lighters, etc.) is prohibited inside tents.  

Knives and Totin’ Chip

Scouts can earn the Totin’ Chip card by working with their Patrol ASM or a certified Instructor. Any Scout using any kind of wood cutting tool must have his Totin’ Chip with him. Any Scout displaying inappropriate actions with any cutting tool will be restricted in their ability to use cutting tools during scouting events, or have the Totin’ Chip confiscated depending on the severity of the incident, as determined by the Senior Patrol Leader, in consultation with the SM and patrol ASM. A Scout who loses his Totin’ Chip card in this way will not be able to earn it back without approval from the Scoutmaster.

Sheath knives are not permitted on any camp-outs. If a Scout is found carrying a sheath knife, the knife will be confiscated by an attending adult and then delivered to the Scout's parents. Folding knives in a case (e.g., Buck- style knives) with a blade less than 4 inches in length are permitted for scouts with a valid Totin' Chip.