Annual dues for scouts are $100 annually due at the start of the school year.


A scout or parent requesting a reimbursement for troop purchases should make the request to the Committee Treasurer.  The reimbursement can be either a check to the parents, or a credit to the scout's troop account.


A scouts that has paid for an activity and is unable to attend, may request the Committee Treasurer to credit the amount paid for a future campout.  Cash refunds will not be given.

For high dollar activities (Philmont, ski trips, etc), refunds will be made only when possible on a case by case basis – there are some activities in which refunds simply cannot be provided by the troop as the activity provider may not provide refunds.  It is the Scout and parents' responsibility to coordinate this with the Committee Treasurer.  

Activity Fees for High-Adventure / High-Cost Trips

High-adventure or high-cost activities require parents to attend.  The "fair-share" approach will be used to divide the cost of the participating adults evenly among the youth participating.  

When a situation occurs where more adults than required are interested in participating, or not enough adults are able to participate, the Troop Committee may alter how the "fair-share" will be calculated.